HPV and Jonker

Monday, March 11, 2013

Well, today, I went to LPPKN to have the HPV injection!! Ning came around 8.15am and I totally forgotten that we had to wear long pants so I had to go in and change again. Seriously, ning knows all the road in malacca lol, there are so many places that I don't know. So we met up with jteing and headed to the clinic. OMG, all the F6 GBS people were there to have there last dos of the jab, hui ying, sin joo, renee, emily and many more were all there. I guess we were the only ones taking the 1st dos. So we fileld up the forms and then it was our turn..hahaha...anyway the faster the better. It wasn't really pain, bt your arm will feel tired for a while and then later the jab part will feel pain when you pressed it. Everything's done and we wanted to meet with Xue Yan as we were near Durian Tunggal, bt apparently she is on study leave and she was still sleeping when we called her. We could barely hear what she said man...hahaha. Dropped by at ning's house as she wanted to change her pants. Finally decided to go eat lunch at Jonker Walk with Xue Yan. We ate the Oster Mee hoon Soup and went to the cheng hoon teng temple and then jalan jalan together with pictures of course. So we spent around 3 hours there walking to every street. Harleem street, jonker street, "Tofu" street, "Ban Di" street, "Tokong" street, "Tukang Besi" street and even to the bridge "鬼门关"....so we really had a tour. Ning really knows her way around, to me and xue yan all the streets look the same. And apparently UTC was around the corner too...amazing fact xDD...
PS: the durian Puff was amazing, should have bought more xD