The End

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I can't believe it, it's finally over, 24 episodes done! I must say, how could they kill off 여울? And here we believe that the last OST would give us a hint of a happy ending...well, it was sort of a happy ending or actually an open ending...REINCARNATION...typical way of satisfying the viewers. Anyway, it's been a while since I cried over a drama, I guess I'm too engrossed with it. They made it so believable, the chemistry was there. Until now, I still can't get over it, wish there was a part 2, since the ending was an open one, but they won't be one. This is the second drama that made me like this, both of 배수지's drama....wondering why though. But I gotta say, she's improving lots, normally I get awkward when she does her crying it's on a whole new level. Did lots of wallpaper to get over this withdrawal sickness...hope its get better, hope doesn't last as long as last time and more to come...getting hyper. Advice to whom wants to watch?'s a very nice drama with a crappy ending I guess, breaks all of our least it's not a totally sad sad kind of ending...*looking at the bright side*
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