Gather up before....WE LEAVE!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Today was kind of a gather up before we leave type of day. Me, Taylor, Rong, UPM, Emily, Unimas, Jt, USM, Wenyi, Russia, Siew, yeah we did a small gathering. We met up in Miruka Ramen, near swan hotel....and this time, all of us didn't car pool...hahaha, all of us drove by our-self....Ning came later cuz she had to go to Muar. Government U, are actually quite generous? correct word? not sure...they pay about 80% or more of the tuition fees. Anyway, the ramen was nice but wenyi wanted to have laksa add on, so we headed to Donald and Lily, apparently the laksa there is Awesome, but sadly it was packed with humans. Next stop, Nancy Kitchen!! Only two cars went, mine and Jt...Jonker~~all side parking. But luckily under Ning's instruction, I managed to park!! Backside go in first btw...hahaha. The cendol was nice!! Much nicer than jonker 88~~shhh...haha...Anyway, this of course will not be our last meeting, CNY will be the next, but those in overseas would not be able to make are so expensive these days!!!