Getting Nearer

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The date is getting nearer and nearer, I guess Im going in soon. But before that, I have a Scholar interview to attend...uurrgghh, I have never been to an interview for scholarship, no idea what kind of question they would ask me. I will have to type out a curriculum vitae for them as well...looked in the net for the format, guess I will have to do it tomorrow. Im trying my best to not show to my mum that Im nervous, I'm having the you know " Lets Just Get Over It" kind of moment. I dont know whether Im nervous or not as well...maybe as the date gets nearer then I will be more aware of this thing and of course my hands and legs would be shaking on the day itself. I will have to go a day earlier to KL before the interview as mum and dad would be sending off second sis as well. So Im will have to stay at my uncle's place and go there myself with big sis. Since I have no idea what to prepare, I guess I will have to read up on almost everything, as mum say " To show that you know what you're doing, look smart and sound smart".....haiz. Although I dont think that I'll get it, but hey, no harm trying right? hehehe...I will have to attend lots of interview looking for jobs anyway. So I think I'll be attending the interview for experience and not for the actual scholar...if I get it then it will be a bonus for me then.