Midterm Exam!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Hohoho...midterm exam begins!!! It's been a while since I last sat for any exams....the latest one should be the sace exam held during last year Nov. So midterm, how should I describe it....no idea..haha. Anyway, my first paper was Measurement!!! A little excited and nervous bout this paper, in front of my friends, I'm known as a person who knows it all in measurement...I have no idea why and when this started. I only paid attention in class and copied my notes neatly....haiz...anyway, since then Measurement and Intro to Law become a subject that gives my stress....but at this moment, I wouldn't say that its a stress that I couldn't handle.....so measurement, extra rajin...did all the tutorial ques again to make sure I know the sequence and description. I don't know why, but if people ask me ques, I can answer it, but when I do the ques, there always be some mistake. On the exam day, I wouldn't say the ques were hard, but it wasn't that easy either. Hope I didn't do any silly mistake here and there. My friends and I worked hard on this paper xD