Monday, December 16, 2013

Okok...calm down, its just the finals, so what? Who am I kidding...ITS FINALS!!! But I wasn't nervous anyways. I was like always one the first to enter and sit at the table, waiting for the papers...I will always tell my friends to calm down, as they always get a nervous breakdown and forget the infos. While I will be like, "Come on, lets get over it". Especailly for CT and BM...the subjects that need the most memorizing...I couldnt take it and didnt want to study it anymore. I couldnt believe that I only started studying for BM on the morning itself and the paper is in the afternoon....cuz I was busy with CT. So yeah, I had to cramp everything in one idea how, but managed to do ti...but nv going to do it again. Law, the most calm subject, cool and steady as this is one of the subjects that was on my fingertips, or at least the concept. Measurement was the hardest, she came out with a type of foundation that we never did before in tutorials....but as she says the concept is always the same...and plinths, hahaha....the moment people around me saw this word, they started asking me what is plinths. Actually, I only remembered that word as upstand beams and it turned out to be correct. Haiz...did some silly was overall a hard paper. and she told us it will be easy as she didn't have time to find for difficult ones....and we actually believed that...but we couldn't refer any tutorial's anyway. After our final paper, ping, lin, me and a senior decide to eat at Sunway did a little shopping and then headed home cuz we were too tired...results will be released in JAN!!!