Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A hell month for me...seriously hell for me. I have no idea why I was so distracted with other things and couldn't focus doing my assignments or my tests. It took me so long to complete one assignment until the last minute I was still editing it. Well, obviously, I was practically doing 60% of the assignment...as usual...only a few of the group mates gave me relevant information, the rest I had to do by myself....anyway, do more work means learning more...which means its good for me...hahaha. Measurement was the best, one week before submission and we were still going to classrooms and toilets to measure the items....first time drawing plans were fun, tedious when u have to follow the scale while drawing, but felt really great when we finish drawing it....and typing out the dimension paper, taking off list, query and BQ!!! quite fun, but I didnt know how to use Excel, so I used Words...hahaha...sorry we lin xDD BS 1, our report was great but presentation was too long...hahaha...too much information...I practically didnt practice before the presentation at all...didnt take it seriously...but it was still overall good. The report for BS1 was the most torturing I have to say...mati-matian do...at last finish!!! CT report assignment was still quite ok for me...although i did it last minute but still finished it~~phew~~