T Friends Melaka Trip

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Taylor friends came down to melaka....first time being a tour guide or should I say partial tour guide thanks to Khew...hahaha. So it begins with lin from seremban arriving first at 11.30am and without telling me she went to Aeon by herself....independent girl. Chow tong arrived at 12pm and I went to fetch her and headed to Aeon to meet up with Lin. Nothing to do but wait for others to reach. 2pm, Ping from Ipoh and Xuan from JB reached the station. Then we headed to Klebang to have coconut milk shake. Honestly, it was my 2nd time at there...hahaha. After minum minum, I brought them to my house as they told me to stay with them, so I had to pack some clothes and etc. Check in at Hallmark Crown at 3.30pm. The room was quite ok, 1st floor. Khew came at 4pm and together we took one car and headed to makan Capitol satay celup. I had never eaten the satay celup at there but since they wanted to try, we went there. The Q wasn't really, luckily. Then we headed to buy bunga raya popiah!! It has been a while since I last bought from there...it still taste as good as last time...yummy. Next stop, dessert at kampung lapan...六味汤...khew recommended that place. Next, fried oyster at Bunga Raya! It only starts selling at night. When we went there, there was this TV9 people recording, one of the host was Gary from 8TV....but the place was smoky though....then bought 炸油条 and headed to Tengkera to buy Putu Piring...not bad. At 10pm, Ping's BF's friend invited us to his huge house at Paya Emas....it was huge. At first, it was super awkward because we didn't know anyone there....but Taylors Architect students were super social able....and we could even play games later on. Had a midnight tea at there as well and left at 1.30am...hahaha....headed back, bathe and slept!! Tired xD

It was super cold cuz of the aircond at night..I couldn't really sleep that well. I slept on the same bed with ping and at first I gave her my blanket and regretted later during midnight....hahaha. Ping woke up first and I was second 9am...at 10.30am, they went to eat breakfast while I get ready. At 11.30am, khew came and we headed to Jonker. Ate chicken ball rice, then went sight seeing. They bought lots of things from San Shu Gong....wanted to eat Nancy Kitchen but it was closed so we went to eat Jonker 88 and later Nadeje. Since they were all tired, we headed back to the hotel and sleep till dinner time. At 7.30pm, we went to Pak Putra to have a light dinner. Dessert was at Ice Town and met up with Ian, our class rep. Wanted to try to find other Nyonya restaurants but all was closed at 9pm. At last, we went to catch a movie at Dataran!!! hahaha...Ape movie...almost dozed off while watching. 2am....sleepppp....

I woke up at 8.30am and ping as usual earlier than me....hahaha...how can she wake up so early?? It was a little rush but we checked out at 9.30am and I drove them to buy their bus tickets and then headed back Hereen street to eat lunch at Baboon House. Khew and Ian joined us later. After lunch, they wanted to buy somemore things....so we went to Jonker Gallery and let them shop a little before departing. Ping followed khew to Paya emas as she is gonna sit her friend's car back, while I send the rest to the bus station. We were almost late!! exactly at 12.30pm we arrived and run to catch the bus....hahahaha