Bookfest Again

Monday, August 4, 2014

29/7/14....the day where we went for bookfest....
Rong, kah yan and siew together with two of my sis...together we went to the popular bookfest by bus. I had to drive to the bus station park my car the whole day there. But the thing was, it was raining super heavy that morning, puddles everywhere. We reached KLCC at 10am and there were already tons of humans there. Bought our tickets and went in. I think the last last bookfest was on a larger scale with more took me only an hour to see everything on the first level and went up to the multimedia level then. Bra bought some books for mum and I bought some materials books....KLCC was seriously packed with humans that day...the whole mall...humans here and there. Even at the food court at 3pm was packed with humans...tak ada tempat got pushed into the LRT man...1st time experiencing this. Reached melaka at 7.30pm with both sis kaki patah....hahaha...told them not to follow me~~